I really wanted to hibernate this morning when I work up. In fact, Hugo decided that I should stay in bed by sleeping on my chest. At least he made a good hot water bottle.

I can’t say I’m thrilled at the return of cold temperatures. But I am thrilled that The Buddymobile is back. With a new battery, new gas bottle and most of the issues fixed. Apparently he has leaky injectors (whatever that means), so he’ll need to go in for those to be sorted. But at least there should be no need to jump start him every time I want to go somewhere.

After dropping him back at the yard, I walked home with snowflakes swirling around. Grateful that it’s only a short walk. Now thawed out.



The Buddymobile failed its MOT last week so I’ve had a nervous few days while it’s been fixed. Picked it back up this morning after being sorted and retested. Such a relief. Though I will be eating bean on toast for a bit…

I’ve had my little lorry nearly 3 years now. And I bloody love it! I smile every time I take it for a spin.

It got a new admirer today as a woman stopped me at the petrol station to ask if it was for sale. She said it was just what she was looking for. We got talking about horses, as you do.

Typically I can’t go anywhere as it’s too hot to travel Buddy right now. He seems to have adapted to the hot weather much better than I have. Today I found I’d empty the recycling bin in to the garden waste bin. Not a clue when I actually emptied the recycling bin.

Roll on cooler days and my brain firing on all cylinders again.


I’m back! Did you miss me?!? My broadband has finally been fixed. The engineer was here for two hours.

It’s been a little odd having limited connectivity. We rely so heavily on technology and I hadn’t quite appreciated just how much I use the internet. I now have a very long list of things I need to catch up on…