This came up on my memories today. 7 years ago I was ticking another thing off my horsey bucket list. The Rolex, Kentucky. It was an incredible experience.

I was listening to a build-up podcast about this year’s event as I drove home from Birmingham. Sounds like it’s going to be another special event. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Burghley, Badminton and Kentucky. There are a few more 5* events I’d love to go to. As well as WEG, the Olympics and HOYS to name a few.

So as I drove, I mentally created my updated horsey bucket list. And I want to do the Grand Slam in Eventing and Show jumping! Dream big they say. So that’s mine!


Pay it forward

What a fab day jump judging at Great Witchingham Horse Trails. It’s the first time in 3 years I’ve been able to do it and it was as much fun as ever.

There were some incredible horse and riders. It’s really inspiring watching top riders in action.

I got a bit emotional coming home. Sad that I’m not competing tomorrow. And sad that it looks like it’ll be their last BE season. So aiming to do the one they’ll be holding in July.

At least they’ll still be doing Unaffiliated Events so I’m aiming for them too. Watch out Buddy, we’re getting back out there.

Groom’s life

First ODE of the year. But as a groom to these gorgeous boys at Poplar Park.

I got up at 4:44am and left my friend’s yard at 4:44pm. Spooky! Fuelled by caffeine, good company and horse slober, the day flew by.

I am pooped now. Aching from walking over 5 miles (and they say the horse does all the work). Yet beaming from ear to ear!

I love a horsey outing.


First clinic of the year. And it was with European Eventing Champion, Nicola Wilson.

We headed off to WHW this morning and after a detour due to the a closed road and having to stop twice to retie Buddy’s haynet, we arrived.

Buddy rarely eats while travelling, but today he was eating so vigorously, he pulled it off. Twice. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Second time I saw him do it on the camera. He’s so funny cause he stood starring at it.

The lesson was great. Really enjoyed it and learnt lots. Well once I got over my initial nerves and Buddy’s enthusiasm. One for me to work on as I know I get tight for the first 5-10 mins in a lesson. Once we start jumping, I totally relax.

We jumped a mix of show jumps and XC jumps. Buddy excelled himself. Even if some of my lines were more than iffy!!

Need to keep going and I know it’ll come together in a competition situation again.

Eventing fun

I was meant to be eventing today. I’m still recovering from this cold so I had to withdraw. I knew my energy levels weren’t there to do my best. So what’s the next best thing – grooming instead!

Headed over to Blackwater to support a friend. Eventing makes me happy. So even if I couldn’t compete, it was great to be back out with horses.

Found out it’s World Mental Health Day. Seems right that I talk about how horses are my coping mechanism when life is tough. Horses have saved me from myself more times than I care to mention.

Mental Health isn’t obvious. It isn’t straightforward. It is something we all have.

Make sure you’re looking after yours. Do what makes you feel good. Be with people who make you feel good. But most importantly be kind – to yourself and others.

Deer deer

Another couple of firsts for Buddy today. Our first outing to Gunton Hall and his first experience of BIG deer!! And lots of them. There were several herd of Red and Fallow deer. The stags had huge antlers too. They really are magnificent creatures.

I have to admit, Buddy was amazing! He was a bit weirded out at times, but he soon settled. Very proud of him today. Even though there was lots for him to look at, he jumped lots of the bigger jumps there.

Burnham Market

Headed to Burnham Market Horse Trials today to meet my friends Nigel, Julie and their dog Jeff. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. Forgotten how undulating it is there. Jeff was in training for Badders next year. He aced it! He wasn’t bothered by the horses at all. Clever boy Jeff.

It was great catching up with people too. It was inspiring watching the action. One day Buddy and I will be competing there too. 👏🏻

Olympic success

After watching the cross country yesterday with my friend’s dog, it seemed appropriate that today’s photo is of my show jumping companion. The excitement is clearly too much for him.

Hugo was snoring at one point. I woke him up servers times with my cheering! It was so exciting.

What an amazing performance by our eventers. Team gold and an individual

And a bronze for Andrew Hoy. Just shows that there’s no age limit on our wonderful sport. I have his saddle you know. If it’s good enough for him…. 🤪

Cross country

Watched the cross country from Tokyo this morning. I was dog sitting so the perfect way to start the day – coffee, cuddles and cross country.

There were lots of ooohing, ahhhhing, cheering and gasping. And that was just me. 🤪

Team GB were incredible!