Constant companion

Flying visit to Suffolk to see a friend on his birthday. It was lovely to see everyone. Bailey was very happy to see his Auntie Pip. He’s my constant companion when I’m there.

In fact, he nearly came home with me as he got in the Comedy Car when I was going to leave. Guess it must be my animal magnetism…



I got well and truly woofed this weekend. Simon and Harry’s dogs do love their Auntie Pip. And I love them all too.

Banys has grown so much since I saw him at Christmas. He’s grown into such a cuddle monster too.

Another wonderful weekend in Suffolk. Till next time.

Log burner hog

Flip is hogging the log burner. Don’t blame her to be honest. I have log burner envy. Compared to my tiny twig burner, this is a beast. And packs out a lot of heat! I’ve needed that after the freezing temperatures of today.

She’s snoring so loudly! But I’m not complaining as she kept me warm last night too. It was -5 when I got up. And there was a really thick frost.

Wonder if we will get snow before Christmas?

Another little outing

Buddy and I headed over to Blickling Estate NT today to meet my friend Katie and Archie for a long hack. Felt very autumnal today as so many of the leaves are turning.

We met up with another friend Maria and her dogs on our way back as she’d come to find us.

Great to catch up with them both. Even better to have a spot of lunch in the sunshine.

I do love our little outings. I’m so grateful for the Buddymobile. I love being able to get out and about. Blickling is so beautiful. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to ride round.

Duran Duran

I got to meet this beauty tonight. He’s 10 weeks old and is called Rio. So of course, I’ve had the song playing in my head all evening.

I can’t say I was a huge Duran Duran fan. I liked some of their tracks. I was more of a rock chick than a new romantic.

But I’m definitely a fan of this Rio!


This afternoon I got pugged! Popped over to some friends to see their new place. It was fab to catch up.

I seemed to be a bit of a hit with their dogs as all of them sat with me. Bit too much of a hit with one of their pugs as I got humped. Again.

What can I say, it must be my animal magnetism!?! If only I could attract men as easily…


My dog sitting duties are over. They were exceptionally well behaved. Took them out for an early walk to beat the heat. Thankfully there was a cooling breeze as it’s been a tad warm again.

I was at a bit of a loose end this morning. I felt very decadent as I had nothing to do. So the dogs and I watched a film called ‘The Sea Beast’. It was an animation and really sweet.

When I got home, I pottered in the garden for a bit (before I got too hot). Then went and gave Buddy a bath (and I didn’t mind getting sprayed too).

Puppy sitting

I’m puppy sitting this weekend for this gorgeous little boy and his big sister. I love dogs and one day I’m going to get another one of my own. Till then, I get my puppy fix any way I can.

The pair of them were having a blast round the garden doing zoomies. Made me laugh. Now they’re both fast asleep.

Houghton Hall

What a fab horsey day out at Houghton Hall. Feeling very inspired watching the action. Also feeling a tad tired after walking 6.5 miles round the course. Though I was ‘sausage dog’ assisted as I was towed round for a lot of it. Well when he wasn’t humping my leg. 🤦🏻‍♀️ What can I say, it’s my animal magnetism…?!

I shall sleep well tonight for sure! 😴