I’ve had a bit of a frustrating day if I’m honest. One of those days where I feel I’ve gone round the houses and not really achieved much.

I picked up my new laptop on Monday. It’s super exciting. And super fast! My old laptop has served me well for 10 years so it owes me nothing. But I’ve been struggling recently so it was time to replace it.

I’ve started moving files over to my new laptop. It said it was going to take 4 days, so I closed the lid and went to ride.… I’ll have another crack tomorrow.

I’m hoping that my new laptop will mean I can work faster and more efficiently. As it’s Chinese, I’ve called it Mushu. Disney fans will get it.


Skill set

Today I was very grateful for my Nana. When I was a child, she taught me how to bake and line a tin with pastry. I got to reconnect with that skill as I spent most of the day helping to make mince pies for one of my clients. They’re off to a food show this weekend so it was all hands on deck!

My back is aching, my feet are aching and my face is aching from laughing so much. Listening to Disney songs while baking is definitely the way forward.

It’s amazing the skills you pick up along the way.


Sometimes you just have to admit defeat, head to the sofa and watch a Disney film.

Not my best day. Felt quite low today so lots of tears this morning. Like my body needs to expel more fluids (yes, I am still with snot). I’m frustrated with it all. I know that I get like this when I’m ill. I also know it will pass and I’ll be back to normal service soon.

Nurse Hugo has been very attentive. His purrs are definitely healing. 😍


Well I don’t know how Buddy feels today, but I’m a tad achey. Definitely feeling it after yesterday.

After catching up on house jobs, I headed to the sofa for a bit of self-care Pip-style. I haven’t watched Wall-e for ages. I’d forgotten how lovely it is. A pretty good end to a pretty good weekend.