Brace yourself

Buddy had his annual visit from the dentist. He wasn’t sure to start off with, but he soon settled. The dentist said he’s got really good teeth. So that’s really good to hear.

It was so wonderful to see Buddy. He came wandering over to see me when I went to get him in. After he’d had his teeth done, I lunged him. After over a week off I wasn’t sure what to expect. He threw some interesting shapes. He does makes me laugh sometimes.

He was really cuddly afterwards. I think he’d missed me too.


Plan B

So my day didn’t go to plan. So I made a new plan! That’s the beauty of plans. You can change them.

I was meant to see the dentist this morning. Arrived for my appointment at 9:30, only to be told it had been moved to 9:10. Bit of an admin cock up somewhere along the line as I didn’t get the message to say it had changed. Anyway all rebooked in for next week.

Headed over to meet up with a friend for a walk instead. That turned into nearly 5 hours of talking, a trip to a church and a visiting to a field to see some broadband being laid. Long story. And lots and lots of walking!

Here’s the inside of the church. It’s Elizabethan and mighty impressive.