Littlest hobo

So I arrived home around the same time that my Dad did. Different homes of course. But at least he’s home. And so am I. Well kinda. I’m dog-sitting for some friends for the next week. So living out of a suitcase for a bit longer.

I had a very smooth journey home (not something you can always say when the M25 is concerned). The kittens were very happy to see me. As was Buddy. It’s always nice to be missed.

I’m pooped. It’s been a few full on days. Again. I shall definitely sleep well tonight.


Groundhog Day

Well February hasn’t gotten off to the best start. My Dad was rushed into hospital yesterday.

After a bit of a scramble to make sure Mum was supported. And rearranging appointments and work stuff. I headed down to West Sussex today. After checking on Mum, I headed to the hospital to see him. He’s not great right now. But being well looked after.

Feels a bit like Groundhog Day as it wasn’t long ago he was rushed into hospital before. Ironically it was actual Groundhog Day yesterday.

Jail break

Look who’s home?! So happy to have him back. I got frustrated and fed up waiting for the care package to be sorted so I took matters into my own hands. I was told that it could take weeks to sort…

I’ve arranged more support for them to allow Dad to recover at home. Best place for him.

Never underestimate what I can achieve when my back is against the wall and my family needs action. You can guarantee I will spring into action. And get stuff done!

Daddy dearest

Good news! My Dad is well enough to come home. Sadly it’s not that simple as we’re navigating the discharge process. So he’s got to stay in for another night.

At least he’s looking much brighter and was in good spirits when I saw him tonight.