Two soups

And so it begins. The batch cooking extravaganza. The slow cooker came out yesterday and I made my first batch of vegetable soup. Blended it today and boxed up for the freezer. It was actually six soups. But that wasn’t the Victoria Wood sketch. That was two soups.

For some people, this isn’t a big deal. But for the culinarily challenged Pip, this is. I chopped things without injury. I didn’t burn the house down. And I only got one steam burn from opening the slow cooker a bit too quickly.

This was a big win for me today. On the downside, I ran out of toilet rolls. And no, they’re not connected. 😉


Sharp objects

People think I’m joking when I say that I’m ‘culinarily challenged’ or that I shouldn’t be allowed sharp objects. I give you exhibit A.

Yes I somehow managed to snap the end off of a paring knife. Not that I was using it to pare anything. Or that I know what paring is. But apparently cutting a cucumber was too much for me (and said knife).

It’s a wonder I’m still alive some days.