I have to admit, I was a tad tired when I woke up this morning. And a tad achy. All signs of a very good camp.

Other signs are a huge pile of laundry. I did four loads of washing today. And still have more to go. The good news is that I got all of the washing dry out on the line.

The kittens were very pleased to see me and wanted cuddles while I was working. Back to the laptop today for me. Buddy got a well deserved day off. Poor planning on my part not to keep today clear. The irony isn’t lost on me as a professional planner.

Buddy got cuddles too. And I got coffee. Lots of coffee.


Puppy cuddles

After a busy day in the garden, I headed to deepest darkest Suffolk. I’m at the Riding Club ODE at Poplar Park tomorrow, so took advantage it and caught up with Simon and Harry tonight.

Tried to get a selfie with their new puppy. He’s a tad squirmy. Now snuggled up in bed with their other puppy. Puppy cuddles are good.