As I was on the phone today, I watched this little chap wander across the garden. He stopped a few times snooping around. Very brave of him. Having said that, Dodo was asleep in the conservatory with me. And Hugo was galavanting.

Little things like this make me happy I live in the countryside.


Deery me

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than riding round a deer park, jumping a few XC jumps and having a bloody good gallop! And in the sunshine too!

Headed over to Gunton for a pony play date for Buddy.

We’re so lucky to have access to a country park like this. The deer weren’t bothered by us at all. We hacked round as a warm up, jumped some jumps, splashed in the water and finished on a gallop up the hill.

Buddy found top speed and fully embraced his TB bloodlines. I do love my little boy. If we can crack the rest of it, I have no doubt we’ll make the time after today’s turn of speed.

Countryside code

I’ll never tire of this view. We’re so lucky to have access to such off road hacking. I’m definitely a country girl at heart. That’s why it upsets me when people have no respect for the countryside. Seeing the flytipping today made me very angry indeed.

We have the countryside code for a reason. I want to preserve the countryside for generations to come. Not just for riders. But for everyone to appreciate the beauty that’s around us.

One good thing about lockdown was that more people came out to the country. I know I explored what was on my doorstep more. If you are coming out, please respect it. You could be walking next to your next meal. You’re definitely walking near someone’s livelihood.