Not my finest day. I woke up at 10am! With a head cold! Full of snot and fuzzy headed. Deep joy. Guessing I’ve overdone it over the past few weeks. 😩 So a day of rest and doing very little for me. God that’s dull?!

Yesterday I made a few decisions that would free up my day so I could catch up on stuff. That went out of the window.

Spent most of the day sunning myself in the conservatory with the kittens. Typical that the weather has improved too.

While sat there, I spotted something in the border, so went to investigate it. These masks get everywhere?! Guessing it was blown here yesterday in the high winds.

It’s now been put in the bin where it belongs.

Kitty karma

Well it escalated quickly. We went from a dead mouse to a live one! 😱

I saved said mouse so that’s my good deed for the day. Not sure which kitty brought it in. It had taken up refuge under my filing cabinet of all places.

Lord only knows how long it had been there. I found it last night after wondering why Dodo was camped out in front of the cabinet. Tried to catch it, but it was having none of it.

Couldn’t see it under there this morning, so guessed it might have had an untimely end.

Until I was sat at my desk and saw it ran out in to the conservatory. Managed to close the door, extract all the cats and trap in a jug and take it outside to release it away from the said cats.

Good job I’m not bothered by rodents. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Calm after the storm

It’s been a very windy, wet and sunny day here today. The kind of day that makes you want to go back into hibernation. My conservatory is the perfect place to watch the trees sway, the clouds blow by and the kittens tear around the garden.

Had a couple of podcasts to listen to so seemed like a good place to do that this afternoon. I’ve had a really productive week so far, so good to take a bit of time away from the laptop.