Stay in control

This was my office today. Back home after a flipping marvellous day. I was commentating the XC for the Area 14 & 8 Riding Club ODE at Poplar Park.

The XC Control dream team was in full force. Not a clue how many combinations there were, but the first horse went off at 10:20am and the last one came back at 5:40pm.

We had to deal with pretty much everything you could deal with on a XC course. Falls, eliminations, loose horses, the removal of a fence mid-class, missed fences, jumping the wrong course to name a few. But we had it covered from start to finish.

We’ve been asked back next year. And I managed to pronounce almost all of the horses names! Bonus!!


Chatty (Wo)man

Well that was a VERY long day! But an utterly brilliant one. A full day of commentating and XC control at the RC ODE at Poplar Park. First horse went off at 10:20am. The last came back at 6:20pm!

Thankfully I was able to pronounce most of the horse and rider’s names this time. Even got a few thumbs up from riders so must have gotten pretty near. Manage to keep everyone updated with progress throughout their day.

Got a lot of comments on how professional it sounded too. So if anyone knows of anymore opportunities…

As the saying goes ‘I counted them out and I counted them all back’. And there were no falls!!

Well done everyone! Same again next year…?