I have to admit, I was a tad tired when I woke up this morning. And a tad achy. All signs of a very good camp.

Other signs are a huge pile of laundry. I did four loads of washing today. And still have more to go. The good news is that I got all of the washing dry out on the line.

The kittens were very pleased to see me and wanted cuddles while I was working. Back to the laptop today for me. Buddy got a well deserved day off. Poor planning on my part not to keep today clear. The irony isn’t lost on me as a professional planner.

Buddy got cuddles too. And I got coffee. Lots of coffee.


Coffee chums

Took Buddy over to Brampton for a hack with Katie and Archie. I’ve taken Buddy over many times before, but not for just a hack. It was fun to ride out somewhere new. Buddy was a little confused as we rode past the arena. And then past the arena at Oxnead. Another place he’s been before for lessons.

We chatted the whole way round. And then had a lovely coffee afterwards. We’re both rather partial to a coffee. In fact it was part of the invite. I’m a cheap date it seems.

Overly caffeinated

It seems that many things in life are getting smaller so imagine my surprise when I ordered a large coffee and got a soup bowl full!!

It was a good job it had two handles as I’m not sure I would have lifted it with just one!

Now I’m very partial to a coffee but this was too much even for me. I was overly caffeinated indeed. And partially baked as we sat in the sunshine. It was a tad warm behind the glass. Still it was 3 hours of non-stop talking putting the world to rights.


I met up with one of my wise women today for coffee, cake and lots of chats. It always fills me with joy. I’m very grateful to have so many people I can turn to when I need support, advice or just to be listened to. We all need that.

I wasn’t in the best of places last time I saw her. I’ve worked through a lot since then and she was thrilled to see the sparkle back in my eyes.

Saw these and I couldn’t resist them. I love dragonflies. These feel like grown up mugs if that makes sense. I am a big fan of a mug.

Silver linings

Today has been a bad news, good news kinda day!

I headed over to meet a friend for a walk. It was too icy so we cut it short and had a coffee at hers instead.

Got back to find I’d got a flat tyre on the Comedy Car. Drove to the local garage (the tyre needed replacing anyway). They’ve had to order one in for me. Thankfully I could walk up to the yard. And the Buddymobile started so I was able to drive around in that instead.

As a result of all the rushing around, I didn’t get much work done or much off my list. But got a new client, who wants a website rewrite.

Funny how it goes like that… Talk about silver linings.


Anyone who knows my Mum will know her love of a frothy coffee. So today I took her one when I went to visit her. It put a smile on her face.

She’s doing well but not ready to come home yet. Dad is also doing well. And actually listening to me telling him to rest.

He wanted a burger for dinner. So good daughter that I am, I drove to Hickstead to get him Burger King. Well makes a change from driving to Hickstead to watch horses.

First mugs

This is my first mug. My parents bought it for me in Germany after I was born. It’s stamped Schirnding, Bavaria. They’ve kept it all these years. My Dad found it when he was clearing some stuff and kept it for me.

It’s tiny. Definitely more expresso than latte. Good job I’m more of an expresso girl.

Admire the view

I met a friend for a coffee / catch up today. As it was such a lovely day, we headed to the Castle Gardens to sit on a wall and chew the fat (or paradise slice in my case).

The castle really is stunning. It always makes me smile. I really must go round the museum one day…


I got late birthday present today. It was a bit spooky. I had a voicemail from a friend while I was away at camp. I tried calling her back this morning and with that she walked round the corner. Coffee in one hand and this fab present in the other.

It was great to catch up with her. And I’m looking forward to filling this in. 👏🏻 Love a bit of motivation.