Shedding season

And so it begins! Buddy’s summer coat has blown. Spent ages grooming him today and there’s still a ton more to come out. He is officially moulting. Which means it won’t be long till he needs clipping.

I’m going to go through his rugs this weekend and work out what’s what. Last winter he trashed a few so not sure what’s good and what needs fixing. Good job I’m handy with a sewing needle.

There’s something very satisfying about fixing something. And stripping his coat. Reckon I’ve got enough to stuff a small cushion.


Long wait

The last time this happened was nearly 6 years ago. And we were both riding different horses. It was worth the wait though. Lovely hack out with Colette and Sky today.

It was very, very windy. My new coat passed with flying colours (flying was right at points as everything was flapping in the wind). I was very toasty indeed. Thankfully we missed the rain too.