Club together

Day 162: club together. Back home after a fab weekend away at the BRC Arena Eventing Champs. Lots of driving, but the Buddymobile did me proud. And now has a new memento onboard.

First time that someone else has slept in the lorry with me. It was a little cramped but we made it work. The heater was needed to keep us warm during the night. Poor Sam had a hard night as the air mattress deflated.

Oh and I have a very cute snore. Whoops!

Buddy and the kittens were pleased to see me. And I will be pleased to see my bed tonight.

I love being part of a riding club. It’s so much fun doing stuff as a team. I also love being able to help a friend and support others. It makes me very happy indeed.


Join the club

Well that’s blood donation no. 59 done! Spotted this bad boy when I’d finished. I can’t remember the last time I had an Orange club! It took me back to school pack lunches. My Mum used to put one in my lunchbox. A Breakaway and Penguin also made an appearance. Love a bit of nostalgia. Especially in food form.