Clipboard power

Now those of you who know me well, know I love a clipboard. So this afternoon I was in my element with an A3 one!!

I was stewarding at Carleton Riding Club’s last show of 2022. We started behind, but soon caught up time. And even ended early! I feel that I ran a rather tight ship. Thankfully all of the competitors and horses were happy to be yelled at by me. It seems my voice carries across the warm up rather effectively.

Of course, I’d rather be competing. But this was the next best thing today. Well done everyone.


The power of the clipboard

Today I was helping out at the Riding Club Combined Training. I was on the SJ gate. And joy of joys, they gave me a clipboard. 👏🏻

I love a clipboard. And woe betide anyone who underestimates the power of a clipboard. That simple item bring a gravitas and air of authority.

Needless to say, I was a happy bunny keeping track of everyone.

Got back and told Buddy all about it. He was thrilled as you can see. Freeschooled him and had a play session before cooling him off in the sunshine. I’ve warned him that we are off competing soon. 😊