The horse does all the work

It’s always made me laugh when people say that the horse does all the work. And as riders, we just sit there. Today I’ve definitely disproved that.

We headed off for a lesson this morning over at Martham. We were put through our paces for sure.

After getting back and sorting Buddy out, I took the lorry home to give it a deep clean. We head off to our first training camp of 2022 this weekend. So I wanted it to be neat and tidy. 2.5 hours later!!! It doesn’t take me that long to clean my entire house.

Pretty sure it’ll needs another clean when I get back!



One thing I’d forgotten about Eventing is the amount of stuff you need. And the amount of washing there is to do afterwards! Once again, my conservatory looks like a Chinese laundry.

Got 2 saddles and a bridle to clean but ran out of steam. It’s totally worth it though.