Au revoir

Buddy and I are back home after a fab Christmas away. It was an amazing few days. Spent with loving people, six dogs, seven horses and two cats. What’s not to love?!?!

Always sad to leave. But it’s definitely au revoir. The kittens were very happy to have me home, I can tell you. I’ve swapped puppy kisses for kitten purrs.


Away in a manger

You know you’re pretty special when your amazing friends build you a stable so that your horse can come to stay for Christmas.

Buddy is loving his festive stay away. We’ve arrived and ridden in their arena. Buddy thought he was having a holiday. He got a workout instead.

So excited for our holiday. Christmas has officially started.

Olympia not Olympia

On my goodness, what a fab day. Feels so good to be at the London International Horse Show. It’s not Olympia cause it’s not there. But it’s a cracking show.

I’ve spent more than I planned. Bought myself a new body protector. I needed it as my old one is far too big for me. It’s really uncomfortable now. My new one is so comfortable. Can’t wait to get back out XC and test it out. The riding bit, not the falling bit of course.

Got a new reflective tabard too. With lights on it. No driver is going to miss me!

Waiting for the fancy dress class. Then home. It’s going to be a late one, but totally worth it. Same again next year!


I had a little bit too much fun in the Christmas display today. I may have peaked too early and bought some new baubles. Yes I know it’s November. But they are so pretty! Excited about putting the tree up. Not this month though.

Gnome alone

This little chap has been living in my Christmas tree. Today he got evicted. The tree is back in the garage. The decorations are back in the cupboard. And my living room looks huge.

It looks very bare without the tree. The kittens are a bit weirded out as their hiding place has been taken away. Very grateful that they weren’t that interested in it. A couple of bauble got bashed, but nothing major.

So that’s another Christmas done. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve started this year better than I have the last two (2020 badly broken ankle / 2021 recovering from covid). Everything crossed it remains that way…

Merry Christmas

I thought I’d try and get a decent picture with Buddy this morning. He had other ideas. Choosing to take my hat off and playing with it. This was the best I could do.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely day. I have. Mucked out first thing. Ate too many cheese straws. Worn my Christmas PJs most of the day. Had my non-traditional Christmas lunch. Watched movies and just flopped.

It might not be traditional or to everyone’s taste but it’s my kinda Christmas. And I’ve had a good one.

That’s a wrap

I’ve found the best way to distract the kittens from helping with the Christmas wrapping. Get them a box of course! They were so busy jumping in and out of it, playing in it and fighting over it, that they weren’t interested in the wrapping paper.

So this year I only have no excuses for my bad wrapping. 😹