Chatty woman

Today has been one of those lovely days where I’ve got to catch up and chat non-stop. First with a number of client’s at the chiros.

Then with Anni as I got to met her new puppy Ruby, who is as adorable as her photos. And we had our first ride together of 2023.

Finally I met up with some of my Virgin Ladies for dinner. I am all chatted out. Who am I kidding?! I could chat for England.


Afternoon jaunt

Buddy and I headed over to catch up with a friend and her horse this afternoon. It’s always fun to go and ride in a new place. Not sure how far we went, but we we’re out for 1.5 hours.

The stubble looked so appealing but with no real rain for months now, it’s way too hard to canter on. Maybe next year, we can go back for a blast. But this year, we stuck to walk.

We chatted the whole way round. A fabulous way to spend the afternoon. We’ll definitely be back soon.

Super sub

Only just recovered from the football yesterday. What a final and an achievement. Today I got to be a super sub myself. My chiro’s receptionist is poorly, so I went in to cover for her. It’s so much fun ‘peopling’ on a Monday. I’m back tomorrow too. I love talking to everyone.

After finishing, I head over to catch up with a friend for more chatting, considerably more eating and yet more chatting.

This was my view as I waited for her. It was so still and peaceful.

Different vista

Buddy and I headed over to Thurne to meet up with a friend and her horse for a hack this morning. It’s been a while, so we had a lot to catch up. Good job we were out for 1.5 hours then.

There were so many boats on the Broads. It was lovely to see.

When I got back I decided to give Buddy’s bedroom a clear out and packed away his winter rugs. So I apologise now if we have a cold snap…