I ordered some cat food for the kittens. They seemed more excited about the box than the actual food. In fact I couldn’t actually open the box because they slept on it most of the day.

When I did get to open it, I found another box inside. And in that was 3 boxes of food. Talk about cat paradise! 5 boxes for them to claim… let alone the food. I will have happy kitties indeed.

Cat’s Day

So today is International Cat’s Day. How cool is that?! As you can see Dodo is completely overwhelmed by it all. Hugo is camera shy as he can’t deal with the attention. 😝

I’ve had cats most of my life. I really can’t imagine my life without them. My current two make me smile every day. I know lots of people aren’t a ‘cat person’ but I definitely am.


You know when feel like you’re being watched. Well I was as I got home. Spotted these monkeys on the roof. Not my best photo but you get the drift. They love running around up there. It’s a bit disconcerting when I’m lying in bed though I can tell you.

Went out to The Real Greek tonight. Really enjoyed it. The food was lush. And yes I am now as stuffed as a vine leaf!

Repair shop

Today has been an odd sort of day. The repair man came to look at my horsey washing machine this morning. Sadly it’s beyond repair. Several metal bits sheared so proper job. 😔 He was amazed it had lasted as long as it had.

So the hunt is on for a replacement. And form a cunning plan to get the old one out of my utility room without the need to remove the door or fridge / freezer. It’s rather compact you see. The utility room, not the washing machine.

This afternoon, I picked up my riding boot as the zip had gone on it. Cracking job done and a bargain too!

So not all bad. The kittens were boycotting the outside world today. Obviously the rain stopped play. Hugo really does make me laugh. He does like to sheep in the weirdest positions.


Another miserable day today. Took the lorry out to pick up a wardrobe for a friend this morning. That was a bit hairy at times. So decided to hunker down for the rest of the day and catch up on the curling finals.

Blimey, what incredible matches. It seems harsh to say I’m disappointed for the men. They still got silver in the Olympics. But so close to a gold. As for the ladies, what a match!

Curling is one of those weirdly addictive sports. I can’t say I totally understand it. But the kittens and I enjoyed it. Well I’m sure they would have had they not been snoring. At least it drowned out the sound of the rain and wind.

Roll on Summer and complaining about being too hot and biting things. We Brits love the weather!

Cuddle up

Apparently today is National Cuddle Up Day. Dodo is on point as he climbed onto my arms to have a cuddle. Hugo then decided to try and get on my lap. It did not end well. Now they’re both sulking at different ends of the sofa. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Buddy gave me a lovely cuddle too earlier. Perfect on a cold day. Thought it did take a long time to be able to feel my feet, hands and face again after riding.

Kitten TV

I was in full planning mode this morning when I heard lots of noise coming from the lounge. Seems the kittens were enjoying the latest episode of ‘Birdwatch Brundall’. Today it was brave pigeon eating berries next to the window. Hugo and Dodo were utterly transfixed.

No place like home

Someone was very happy I’m home. Dodo was my shadow as he slept in the office. Hugo kept coming to check on me, between naps on the sofa.

Buddy seemed pleased to see me too. Thought he was a little sluggish when I lunged him. He had his vaccinations yesterday so problems an aftereffect from that. After 4 days off, I’d expected a bit more enthusiasm.

As for me, I’m very happy to be home. I love travelling and going places, but I love my little house, my boys and my bed too.

Cat claimed

My Dad gave me some stuff to give to Hallswood for their charity shop. The kittens have claimed something already.

Cats really do love new stuff. Anything that gets brought into the house usually gets claimed. Think they missed me while I was away. It’s good to be home again after another long round trip.