Awesome foursome

Today saw the return of the Awesome Foursome. My hacking partner has been on holiday and Buddy’s been out of action, so it’s been a while since we hacked out. But this was very good for the soul. Lots to catch up on as we wandered about.

We even faced the ’waterer of doom’ on the way back. It makes quite a noise as it clicks round. The boys were incredibly well behaved.

Oh and it’s good to know that my
Hi-Viz is super bright! You ain’t missing us!!


Walled garden

Popped over to Little Plumstead for lunch with a friend. We walked up the Walled Garden Community Cafe. What a brilliant way to use this space.

The planting was beautiful. It was great to catch up and put the world to rights (over a sausage roll of course).

Wise woman

Finally I was able to get over to Anna’s to hack out with her and Alfie. It’s been months. In fact the last time we hacked together was Halloween!

It was wonderful to catch up. We didn’t stop talking the whole way round. There was a lot to catch up on.

And I got to have cuddles with her new puppy! Talk about cherry on top.

Sushi friends

Well I haven’t seen these two lovely ladies since February 2020. That time we had sushi at mine as I was still in plaster. This time we got to go out. It was just brilliant to see them both. We’ve all had our challenges in that time. We’ve had our highs too. But it was like no time had passed.

Very grateful for good friends and good sushi!!

Luck and love

Today has been one of those days where I’ve been reminded of how lucky I am. I have so many people in my life who love me, lookout for me and enjoy spending time with me. This week I will be catching up with lots of them. One at a time of course. Really looking forward to it…