Feeling a bit meh today. Found out last night that Great Witchingham BE in July has been cancelled. I’m gutted as I was aiming for it as our great BE return.

I know it’s silly, but I wanted to complete a BE there. It’s a special place for me as well as being my local BE venue.

After being eliminated there for my Wobbleberry in 2018, I’ve wanted the opportunity to try again. But it hasn’t happened for many, many reasons. Now it looks like it won’t happen there.

So I need to look at a new plan. And find a different way to tick that goal off the bucket list.

Just feeling a little frustrated with a few things right now. Nothing major. Just those silly little things that can build up over time.

So being kind to myself and looking at all the things that Buddy and I have achieved so far.



I’ve had a frustrating day. Was meant to hack with a friend, but the weather put pay to that. We took a rain check till tomorrow instead.

Arrived for my 5:30 blood donation appointment to be told they’d sent me a text to say they were cancelling it due to staff shortages. I checked my phone. Text arrived at 5:07 while I was driving there.

They said they’d made the decision at 10:30 to prioritise other blood groups. Phoned to complain. Again. Second time this has happened now. Last time I didn’t get a text at all.

Never mind, thought I’d go and lunge Buddy. Then remembered I had a webex at 7pm. Dialled in and it had been moved to 8pm. Doh!

So my day was been a fluid as the weather.