My dog sitting duties are over. They were exceptionally well behaved. Took them out for an early walk to beat the heat. Thankfully there was a cooling breeze as it’s been a tad warm again.

I was at a bit of a loose end this morning. I felt very decadent as I had nothing to do. So the dogs and I watched a film called ‘The Sea Beast’. It was an animation and really sweet.

When I got home, I pottered in the garden for a bit (before I got too hot). Then went and gave Buddy a bath (and I didn’t mind getting sprayed too).

Storm Dudley

It was rather breezy out on our hack today. There were a number of moments when it felt like we just stopped.

I’m kinda glad I did some desensitising with Buddy as there was a lot of flapping going on today. And that was just us! My coat and Buddy’s bum cover were in full flap-mode.

If there were any cobwebs left after my walk this morning, they’d definitely gone by the time I got back. 💨😝