Rain dance

Isn’t it amazing how a few drops of rain can reinvigorate a garden?! Today I’ve been perfecting my rain dance. Not something I usually do, but the ground is so hard already and the crops need it.

Seems to have worked as it’s raining now. When I got back today, the front garden was looking very lush. The bluebells are so pretty. I’ve even got some white ones in bloom. The rosemary has flowered too.



My little garden has exploded while I’ve been away. It’s looking so pretty at the moment. The Forget-Me-Nots are out and the bluebells aren’t far behind.

I love the way it changes over the year. There are bits that need tidying still. But that’s half the fun of gardening. There’s always room for another plant…


I’ve had one of those days where I’m grateful for my lot. Headed to Salhouse Broad for an early morning walk. The bluebells looked stunning.

I love this time of the year. Things are green and popping with colour.


Well today felt like we’d gone back to winter! It’s been torrential rain, hail and very cold. Rather fortunate to time it right and be able to hack in the sunshine.

The rain has meant that the bluebells in my front garden have exploded! I do love bluebells.