Join the club

Well that’s blood donation no. 59 done! Spotted this bad boy when I’d finished. I can’t remember the last time I had an Orange club! It took me back to school pack lunches. My Mum used to put one in my lunchbox. A Breakaway and Penguin also made an appearance. Love a bit of nostalgia. Especially in food form.



Well that’s blood donation number 58 done and dusted!

It’s good to give back. I know there are lots of people who can’t but as I can, I do.

And I got 2 packets of crisps today. I wasn’t sure I’d eaten enough so purely medicinal.


I’ve had a frustrating day. Was meant to hack with a friend, but the weather put pay to that. We took a rain check till tomorrow instead.

Arrived for my 5:30 blood donation appointment to be told they’d sent me a text to say they were cancelling it due to staff shortages. I checked my phone. Text arrived at 5:07 while I was driving there.

They said they’d made the decision at 10:30 to prioritise other blood groups. Phoned to complain. Again. Second time this has happened now. Last time I didn’t get a text at all.

Never mind, thought I’d go and lunge Buddy. Then remembered I had a webex at 7pm. Dialled in and it had been moved to 8pm. Doh!

So my day was been a fluid as the weather.

Support local

I love getting texts telling me where my blood donation has gone. It’s been sent far and wide. Looks like I’m supporting local this time and it’s only gone down the road.

Seems quite appropriate as I’m a member of Buy Local Norfolk. And I spent two nights at JPH when I had Covid.