3 years!

Well well I started this blog 3 years ago! It may not had be been the success that I’d hoped for. But I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. I keep blogging even if no-one reads it.

I started it as a way to chart my progress after breaking my talus. But it’s become a bit of a diary now. I enjoy looking back at the momories and seeing how things have gone.

Thank you to everyone who’s been along for the journey.



Wow! I’ve just realised that I’ve been writing this blog for 2 years!

I started it as a safe space for me to talk about how I was feeling, to chart my recovery from a badly broken ankle and generally share my musings.

Has it been the roaring success I’d hoped for? No. Have I enjoyed writing it? Yes. Will I continued? Why not!

Thanks to everyone who’s commented, liked or shared it.

Here’s to the next year!

Happy Blog Anniversary

I’ve just noticed that I’ve been writing this blog for a year now. I missed the actual anniversary but there you go. I started the blog to chart my progress back to the saddle after breaking my ankle. I didn’t factor on a global pandemic though. Well who would, right?!

There have been a lot of twists and turns in the past year. Highs and lows. Laughs and tears. I think I’ve cried more in the last year than I have in any other. 2020 was challenging in so many ways for me.

This blog has given me an outlet for my musings and feelings. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. None of us know what the future holds, so for now I’m just trying to do my best.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts.