I brought the Buddymobile home last night so that I could clean it today. Hugo has claimed the bedding. He’s so happy there. Maybe he wants to be a lorry cat…


Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day apparently. Well my little black cat definitely appreciated my lap this afternoon. I sat down to have a late lunch and he jumped straight onto my lap. He was soon snoring. I felt really bad moving him but I needed to hit the shower and get on.

Shade dance

So it seems that Hugo isn’t a huge fan of the sunshine. While Dodo was sunbathing on the patio. Hugo found the tiny bit of shade in the garden. Made me laugh.

I’m loving the feeling of the sun on my face at the moment. But it won’t be long before I’ll be doing the shade dance with Hugo. The joys of being an English Rose.


Today I have had a few distractions. It’s butterfly saving season…!

I rescued 5 from Dodo and 3 from the conservatory.

It was all too much for Hugo. He spent most of the day asleep in the food box. Once again he was snoring his head off. Slightly distracting on calls. It’s so cute, I can’t help smiling.

And rest

I’m so glad I booked a massage for this morning. It was much needed after camp. Buddy is getting a few days off too.

I chilled today. Well in my manner. Caught up with some friends and did 3 loads of washing. It was good to get it on the line. Still got another two to go. But ran out of line space. 🤪

Hugo has discovered the joys of the sun lounger. He sat with me while I read in the shade. Boy it was hot today!

Boys together

I picked up Nero’s ashes today. He’s back with his brother now. I need to sort out the front garden so that I can bury them out there together. They both used to love sleeping in the border there. Seems a great place for them. 😻😻

I’ve decided I want to get rid of most of the grass out there. I say grass, it’s more moss and weeds. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Any tips on how to kill grass gratefully received.


The house feels odd without him. I keep thinking he’ll come trotting through the doorway. I’m all cried out. There can’t possibly be any tears left. And then they come again.

I’m grateful I gave him a great life. And he gave me so much love.


Nero (03/07/07 – 28/06/2021). Today I said goodbye to Nero. He’s been my shadow for 13 years. He’s been by my side through so many ups and downs in that time.

I’m heartbroken. But watching him struggle was equally heartbreaking.

I made the right decision for him. It was easy and tough all at the same time.

I’m sat here in floods having snuggles with the kittens. Another end of an era.

RIP my handsome boy. I gave you the best life I could.