Kitten TV

I was in full planning mode this morning when I heard lots of noise coming from the lounge. Seems the kittens were enjoying the latest episode of ‘Birdwatch Brundall’. Today it was brave pigeon eating berries next to the window. Hugo and Dodo were utterly transfixed.

Being watched

You ever get that feeling you’re being watched. Well today I was. Came out of the greenhouse after watering to find Dodo watching me. He’s worked out he can jump from the log store to the garage. And from the garage to the conservatory.

He obviously gets a better view of the birds that way…

Birds & bees

Once again the bees have taken up residence in the old bird box in my garden. It’s a veritable hive of activity with all the comings and goings. Fascinating to watch how they all move around each other so perfectly.

This winter the blue tits used the box. So it really is the birds and the bees.