Good news, bad news

It’s been a good news, bad news kinda day. But some days go like that, right?! Is that what they mean by balance?

The Buddymobile is back! That’s very good news! Bad news, the bill. But it drives so much better. The mechanic joked I was going to need a crash helmet it would go that fast. He wasn’t kidding, I felt like Ayrton Senna driving back compared to before.

I was meant to be giving blood but bad news, they missed my vein so I couldn’t donate. Good news, I got an email offering me a place at a training camp in May.

Bad news, the weather has turned colder again. My fault, I foolishly changed my duvet to a lighter one. Good news, I have a Dodo shaped hot water bottle tonight.


Unlucky for some

Spotted this hare’s foot hanging from the top of a hedge while out hacking. You can see how high it is so guessing a bird of prey left it there.

Very unlucky for the hare. Got me thinking, why are rabbits and hares feet considered lucky?!

I have a Joules soft toy hare on The Buddymobile keys. For luck wherever we go. Wouldn’t say it’s always worked. I have a rather large bill coming my way from the garage.

But I consider myself very lucky to have my own transport. I love being able to get out and about with Buddy.

Little savings

In amongst the doom and gloom of the world right now, this was a lovely surprise. My water bill arrived and I’m in credit!! I kinda felt I was over paying when my DD doubled last year. Now it’s less than it was in 2019. I’ll take that with everything else going up!!

I’ve had another day of resting as I’m still feeling heady and snotty. So much better than yesterday so fingers crossed it’s on its way out.