Autumn sunshine

I was reminded of a great quote today from Nathaniel Hawthorne. It goes ‘I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as Autumn sunshine by staying in the house’.

I couldn’t agree with him more. So after a morning of peopling, Buddy and I headed out this afternoon to enjoy it. It was sheer bliss. Just me and him against the World.


Pumpkin patch

Well considering as I woke up feeling a bit pants, I ended up doing quite a lot today. I feel like I’m getting a cold. You know the thing – scratchy throat and feeling like you’ve been punched in the sinuses. Great!

Good job that I had an unexpected free day. So spent it pottering and ticking things off my ever growing to-do list.

Anyone else’s garden gone a bit bonkers?! My lawns have gone from crispy to overgrown in the space of a few weeks. So I got the mower out for the first time in what feels like ages.

Lots of my plants have had major growth spurts and are starting to reflower. They’re as confused as I am by the weather it seems.

My pumpkins are excelling! And spreading all over the driveway. So far I’ve counted 6 and lots of flowers. Pumpkins make me feel very Autumnal.

Golden rays

Another thing I love about Autumn is the golden rays as the sun sets (even if I don’t like the fact this was at 15:39). It brings such a wonderful warm feeling to everywhere. Even if it was rather fresh today. Definitely time to break out the thicker jodhpurs soon…

Autumn explosion

It seems like the Autumn colours have appeared overnight! I know I’ve been away and all that. Even in the drizzle, the colours were vivid.

After another trip away, it felt so good to go for a wander with my little boy. I’ve missed this. It really does my soul good. Even if we did get soaked. Never let it be said that I’m a fair-weather rider.

Autumn hue

The weather chose well today. After yesterday’s indecisiveness, it was sunshine today. My goodness the wind was bitter though. Winter is on its way.

After the chaos of the past few weeks, this was the calm I definitely needed today.

Autumn edition

Mum fancied Shepherd Pie tonight. As I’m culinarily challenged, I popped into Sainsbury’s to pick one up for her. Spotted this while I was there. Love the fact it’s the Autumn Edition. When did that happen?!

No more news on Dad coming home. He’s ready to be discharged, but we’re waiting for a care package to be put in place. That’s where it gets tricky as there’s a backlog and no ETA. So he’s staying in for now.