The geese were circling the yard again today. They are so loud. Always makes me wonder if they’re having the same conversations as we do when we go on holiday?! You know the ones – ‘did you look the back door?’, ’have you got the passport?’, ‘are we there yet?!’ That sort of thing. Yes I have an active imagination.

I’ve been thinking about migration a lot today. And warmer climes. My wonderful niece Katie headed off to New Zealand today for an adventure. I’m so proud of the woman she’s grown into. She definitely inherited the Langley wanderlust gene. I’m getting twitchy. Definitely need to plan some more adventures.

Pleased to report that the vitamins and drugs are working. Feeling so much better today. Think the blustery day helped to blow the snot away!!

I can totally understand why birds migrate!!


Wishing Chair

One of the fun things about staying at my parents is that I stumble across things from my childhood. Take this book for example. I grew up reading Enid Blyton. And The Wishing Chair was one of my favourite. Famous Five was my favourite by far! I always wanted a border collie and I was definitely more George than Anne. Oh and I love ginger beer!!

The stories encouraged my sense of adventure, friendship and fun. I’ve often felt like I would have been right at home in one. Let’s face it, I’ve had a LOT of adventures in my life. I definitely plan on having tons more too.

After working most of the day, I headed to the hospital to see my parents. The staff are already recognising me. They ask how the other parent is doing. One asked how I was doing. Being honest, it’s been a really tough few years with my parents health issues. I’ve mentally prepared myself for the worst many times. So grateful every day I still have two parents.

After spotting this book, I made a few wishes of my own. And drank a ginger beer, though mine has alcohol in it…


Buddy and I went on an adventure. We headed over to High Ash for a hack and picnic with some wonderful friends. It was great to wander round for a few hours before having a picnic lunch.

We rode past the archeological dig. So cool to know think that Roman artefacts and buildings are waiting to be discovered. I kinda wanted to get off and go and see what they’ve found. I do love archeology.


This made me laugh today. It reminded me of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The one where Indiana Jones uses the gold medallion to find the next clue.

I got a bit blinded by it as I lunged Buddy. It’s funny how memories get triggered by simple things.

Thankfully Buddy and I didn’t have to face any bad guys today. But we are off on an adventure next week… It’s nearly Camp Time!