More miles

The Comedy Car has done me proud over the past few weeks. We’ve clocked up a lot of miles. Last week, we drove to Wales and back. This week, we’ve driven to Birmingham and back.

Driving back today was a tad hairy in the rain. The Comedy Car isn’t built for speed. But it makes me smile as I’m driving along. For a small car, it’s really comfortable.

Yesterday it got through another MOT. Always a good thing!

I found this photo on my phone from when I parked it in a little gap (technically not a space) in the car park at Celtic Manor. Sometimes there are advantages to a small car.

6 years

6 years ago, I made one of the best decisions ever. I bought Buddy.

When I was looking for my next partner-in-crime, I said I wanted an all-rounder. He’s certainly proved to be that! We’ve tried so many different things in the past 6 years.

There have been amazing highs, crashing lows and more broken bits. We’ve had so many ’firsts’ together. We’ve been to so many new places. Met so many people. Had so many experiences.

In many ways, we haven’t achieved what I set out to do. But in others, we’ve achieved more than I dared to dream.

Who’d have thought we’d be good at sidesaddle? Or represent our riding club at the National Championships. Or win a trophy at the Norfolk Show. Just goes to show that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

It also goes to show how far we’ve come that we were casually popping a 110cm oxer at the end of a grid today in our lesson.

I’ve owned Buddy half of his life now. He is and will always be ‘My Absolute Diamond’. And I couldn’t love him more if I tried.

Join the club

Well that’s blood donation no. 59 done! Spotted this bad boy when I’d finished. I can’t remember the last time I had an Orange club! It took me back to school pack lunches. My Mum used to put one in my lunchbox. A Breakaway and Penguin also made an appearance. Love a bit of nostalgia. Especially in food form.


I’ve had a mini-Buddy made. Isn’t he adorable?! Even the wild mane is perfect. My very talented friend Tamara made him. Though I think she’s regretting her decision after being inundated with requests.

Can’t decide whether to hang him on my Christmas tree or put him in the Buddymobile.

Wherever he goes, he will definitely make me smile.


It may have only been a week since I rode last, but it’s felt like longer. This was the perfect tonic to my ‘jet-lagged’ state this morning. Even though I haven’t left the time zone, it’s the only way I can describe how I felt when I woke up this morning.

After a morning of catching up on life, Buddy and I went out for a long stroll. It’s a weird time of the year. I can’t tell what time it is. Or to be honest, what day! This photo was taken at 1:30pm, but felt like 3pm. Weird.

What was also weird was the temperature! It was so mild today. Buddy was dripping when we got back and he’s been clipped. I overlayered too. So we were both hot messes.

Mother Nature is as confused as we are in this weird world. Still, it means I haven’t had to break out the big rugs or thick coats yet.

On a knife edge

Am I the only person who goes out for lunch and comes home with new knives?!

Yes I promise I will be VERY careful with them. I needed some new knives after snapping the tip off one and breaking the handle on another. So when I saw these today, I couldn’t resist.

Not sure they’ll suddenly turn me into a domestic goddess though. Might make ‘chopping and combining’ slightly easier.

And flop

I had another full on morning at the Chiro’s. Cause I haven’t done enough hours this week! I’m still going, but boy am I really tired now.

I went to see Buddy. He was more interested in his hay than me. Well he did say hello. He was more enthusiastic on the lunge I can tell you. He really does make me smile.

I’ve finally flopped. Feeling slightly jet-lagged now. Early night tonight me thinks.

It’s been an incredible week!

That’s a wrap!

Back home after my first Hoseasons Owners Conference. And what an experience it was.

Anyone who’s been involved in events will know they come together through hard work, long hours and determination. And of course, lots of caffeine and sugar!

This was no exception. Over the past few days, I’ve dealt with the random pleas that come with the territory. A new one on me was securing a door that fell off its hinges!

The Comedy Car was called into action too for emergency Tesco runs. I was very grateful he’s so small as the car park was rammed and I was able to park him in a space that wasn’t technically a space.

Yesterday was a very looooong day the alarm went off at 5:45am and I finally made it to bed at 2:30am this morning!

My feet are wrecked, my voice is heading towards Barry White and I’m beyond tired.

All signs of a cracking conference!


Well I can now reveal that I’ve been working on the Hoseasons Owners Conference for my amazing friend Simon.

I’ve know Simon a very long time and have heard all about ‘conference’ over the years. So to be asked to be a tiny part of it, is a huge honour.

Seeing Simon command the stage was wonderful too. Not that I got to see much of the conference as I was too busy running around behinds the scenes.

My feet ache, my face aches but I’m so happy. It’s been an amazing experience so far. Now for dinner and awards.

Step count

Blimey what a day! Definitely hit my step count today. Over 22k done. Most of which were going up and down between the floors in the hotel from one conference area to another!

Still things are going well. Few issues, but there always are behind the scenes. Most people don’t get to see that side of it. But as long as the delegates enjoy it tomorrow, that’s the main thing.

This carved dragon kept me going as it made me smile every time I walked past. I love a dragon. Must be my Welsh blood.